Corporate Strategy

Strategy consists of a number of plans and judgments that make the company able to reach its goals and objectives. Our goals are:

  • To contribute to Russia’s security by presentation and implementation of advanced industrial special hazards and fire alarm systems.
  • One of the areas of interest to us is introduction to Russia of the products and solutions of global leaders in industrial security systems.
  • Find and execute ways and means to export high technology Russian solutions in the field to other countries of the world.

Thus, our Corporate Strategy:

First Fragment is to uncover the market demand

Second Fragment is to discover, evaluate and select the most feasible (in a sense of cost-effectiveness) and practical technologies that can be applied in Russia.

Third Fragment relates to realistic employment of the chosen technologies and solutions:

  • Locate in what vertical and in what particular fragment of Russian industry this particular technology/solution are required
  • Find out what is the most practicable way to introduce technology/solution
  • Work out a roadmap and in collaboration with our partners start implementation

As to our philosophy - such Corporate Strategy is our way to become and maintain a leadership position in our sphere of service: facilitation of introduction to Russian businesses of new technologies and techniques of industrial special hazards and fire alarm systems.