Our People

Real success of business is measures by an effort that its team is executing in everyday life and in strategic planning. Ervist Group managed to accumulate a strong and passionate team that successfully guides the Group.

Mikhail V. Rukin
Founder and General Director
of Ervist Group,
Chairman of the Board

Since its inception in 1996, Michael V. Rukin holds the position of General Director. Due to his executive, industry expertise and leadership skills the company grew from a small installation outfit to a Group that currently commands front-runner position in Russian security market for industrial special hazards and fire alarm systems. Mr. Rukin started his industry career as an expert engineer at the Complex Information Security Center of ELERON, one of the biggest in the world Russian Governmental Scientific and Production entity. After inauguration of Ervist, over the last decades he evolved as one of the principal experts in Russian integrated industrial safety field. His technical notes, publications and conference reports are widely cited and acclaimed in professional domain. In collaboration with his team, Mr. Rukin plays decisive function in development of Ervist Group – that serves as a crucial input to its business success. Under his leadership, the Group currently expanded to four companies that cover major part of Russia - and deliver over 1,500 titles of diverse security products of domestic and foreign vendors. Currently the Group has one of the best in Russia distributing infrastructure that includes technical engineering center, support and warehouse facilities. Mr. Rukinis well known for his extensive educational and training activities, delivering key presentations for engineering community and at a number of in-service training courses. Michael V. Rukin is a graduate of Moscow Technical University of Telecommunications and Informatics, and resides in Moscow.

Alexander V. Malinovskiy
Chief Commercial Officer,
ERVIST North-West
Member of the Board

Alexander Malinovskiy brings to ERVIST Group a vast experience in finance, project management and venture investment. He held a variety of leadership roles in strategic and product marketing, business operations, and engineering companies - started his business career as an engineer at "Vavilov State Optical Institute" in St.Petersburg; was employed a Director of Marketing for major distributor of water-heating equipment; for 5 years worked as Financial Director, Project Investment Director at St. Petersburg Regional Foundation for Science and Technology Development. At the same time being a Member of the Board of the Venture Innovation Fund, Alexander Malinovskiy was instrumental in inauguration of “IPO Stock Exchange for Technology Companies” with participation of MICEX, RTS, Promstroybank. In 2006-2008 served as a General Director of “RE Complete Systems” that is developing integrated industrial special hazards and fire alarm systems. In his next position Alexander Malinovskiy, as a General Director of “CTT North-West” was involved in attraction of investments into the companies working under umbrella of Ministry of Science of Russia (about 300 individual projects were accomplished). Since 2011 he is working with ERVIST Group. Alexander is a graduate of The Leningrad Institute of precise mechanics and optics, and holds an economy degree from St. Petersburg University of Economy & Finance. He resides in St.Petersburg

Alexander A. Lubochkin
Chief Engineering Officer
Ervist Group
Member of the Board

Mr. Lubochkin has over 25 years of experience in telecommunications and system engineering. Since 1988 for about 15 years, he served on various telecommunications engineering positions in the Russian Armed Forces. After discharge Mr. Lubochkin joined a Moscow-based security systems distributor company where he was employed as a Deputy General Director and was supervising technical aspects of day-to-day operations. For the last 10 years he works in Ervist. Mr. Lubochkin is an experienced practitioner in the security industry; in his role at Ervist he has built the business around the world-leading capabilities of major vendors, at the same time closely following and interacting with domestic manufacturers. Mr. Lubochkin possesses proven experience in aligning technology to the needs of businesses and in transforming concepts into sustained customer programs. He is an author of a variety of publications on for industrial special hazards and fire alarm systems; an avid lecturer at professional seminars and in-service training courses. Mr. Lubochkin is a graduate of Kiev Military Communications Engineering Academy; resides in Moscow.

Vladimir F. Kuznetsov
Director, Corporate Communications,
Ervist Group
Member of the Board

Mr. Kuznetsov’s sphere of activity is development of corporate communications of the Group, as well as structuring of corporate management. During his business activities, he acquired profound experience in development of corporate structuring in the areas of investment banking, telecommunications and mining. He has an experience of interaction with investors, performed a number of presentation at international shows and conferences; has a good experience of Internet Blogging. Mr. Kuznetov was President and CEO of IPORUSSIA, Inc. – a U.S publicly listed company (NASDAQ).