YAUZA Line of Products – Burglar and Fire Alarm System for installations that operate with explosive gas mixtures

Competitive Highlights

  • Does not require extensive wiring in metal pipes or armored cables
  • YAUZA has “intrinsically safe electrical circuit" - the most reliable type of protection of all existing today
  • YAUZA allows for connection of two-wire and four-wire current-consuming detectors using up to 16 setting/disarming devices, connected by digital link with length of up to 1,000 meters
  • An option to connect explosion-proof annunciators with ‘d’ explosive-proof casing; with ‘m’ cast molding, or without any protection
  • Connection of a set of additional devices over a special RS485 address link interface with the length of up to 1, 000 meters
  • Advanced backup power system as compared to peers
  • For connection of sensors or peripherals there is intrinsically safe power supply of 12V, 100mA
  • Possibility of use in gas analyzer systems with generating ALARM THRESHOLD 1 and ALARM THRESHOLD 2 messages

YAUZA is perfectly suited for installations at:

YAUZA Line of products comes with a complete set of compatible periphery hardware

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